Friday, September 22, 2017

Move In Day

Hellooooo and Happy Friday.

Yeah I am not homeless anymore!!!! We got everything moved out of the POD and into the house yesterday.  While I am overwhelmed with having boxes and stuff everywhere I am excited to finally be HOME!

I found this painted plank saying awhile ago and just loved the message.  So I cannot wait to hang it in the new house.

Priority #1 was getting my sleep number bed up and ready for us to sleep in last night.  Oh how I have missed my bed!  I had a little  Hug Fest with my sweet bed!  It was nice to land in this bed last night!
While I see boxes and stuff everywhere I will be so happy when I can start to decorate.

We have some major unpacking and the kitchen to finish before I can start my decor.  Just trying to breath and not get too overwhelmed with all the things that need to be done.

Seriously moving is not for sissies!

Remember my armoire that Terry made into an office space for my computer in our last house.  It is now going to be re loved into a nice big pantry for the kitchen area.

 Our kitchen is so tiny that I needed more storage.

I had intended this to be in the living room but it was too big for the space.  It is challenging living in a tiny house.  Sometimes where you think something will fit it really does not. 

I found one of my sweet angels while unpacking so I put her in the window of the kitchen to watch over us as we try to get this kitchen together today.

This sweet love while confused is adjusting to her new life.  I love that she loves that white chair like Cooper did.

Peggy is wondering why she is not back at my daughters with the three dogs.  She was just getting to like them and poof now she is an only child again!  I told her No worries she will drive down with me on babysitting days to see the boys.

I am so glad we adopted this wonderful fur ball of love.  Peggy is really happy to be living indoors and have comfy places to nap.

House training is coming along nicely too.  Since she was kenneled outdoors all the time they potty when and wherever so she is doing pretty good with getting to know to go outside to potty.

       I am wishing all of you a great Friday and wonderful weekend.  It is sooooo hot here in the burbs of Chicago.  95 yesterday and today.  Perfect weather for moving in right?!!!! Ughhh!!!  

I cannot wait to get to the decorating part to show you.  This sweet little cottage house is going to be so cozy and fun to decorate.

While living large in a tiny house has it's challenges, and all the renovation nightmares,  I am so happy we got this home.  

With the basement almost finished for extra living space I think we can make this work for us.

Kris :)      

Friday, September 15, 2017

New Fur Baby

Hi Everyone.
Here is my little surprise! We were able to pick up our new sweet fur baby.
  It has been 7 months since we lost Cooper and we have missed him so.  When this sweet love came up for a rescue adoption we decided to take the plunge once again.

This was Cooper when we picked him up from the rescue and brought him to our forever home.  We soon then discovered that this sweet lug of love had a aggressive cancer.  We were able to give this guy a full year with lots of love before the cancer took his life.  He was such a sweet boy and we have missed him so.

So fast forward 7 months and this is our sweet new rescue girl that we picked up today.

This is our new fur girl.  We named her Peggy.  Sorry to all of you that wanted Lucy but Peggy won out with the grand girls vote!!!
So Peggy is now in her forever home and we will love her and spoil her.

So it's Peggy Sue the Basset Poo!

Peggy is on the tiny side for a basset hound and has the sweetest laid back personality.  I think she is going to share so much joy with us.

Peggy is all smiles.  So happy to be going to a real home.  Kennel life is over for her.

My granddaughter Charlotte is thinking of napping with Peggy.
Both have worn each other out today!

Peggy is zonked and needed a nap after the car ride home and playing with her new family.

So happy to give this sweet girl a new forever home.  She will fill our hearts with love and joy.  Happy we will be moving into the new house next week and she will have a real home.  Saying goodbye to kennel life.

Life is good.

Happy Weekend.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Moving In!!!!!

Hi Everyone.

I can hardly believe I am typing this but we have a move in date to the new house.  We will officially have the movers there on Thursday 9/21. 

It will be so nice to have a home again.  We have been through a lot with the contractor and the pitfalls of renovations over the past 3 1/2 months.

Our original promised move in date was going to be July 1st so my patience has been tested!  Just happy that we have a move in date.  We still have work to do to the house but with the garage up and the majority of the basement done,  I think we can move in and work on the house while living there.

I cannot wait to get my chippy decor unpacked and start to decorate our new cottage home.

I also have a surprise to share with you this weekend.  That post will be coming soon.

Have a great and wonderful new week.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Well Hello!

Hello Everyone.  I am still here just waiting on  a few things to get finished and then we will be moving into the cottage.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

This has been a long journey to have the rehab done in the basement and also a garage and new drive area done.  When they tell you 3 to 4 weeks and it actually ends up being 3 months you just have to take in deep breaths.  I am so happy we are at the end of this journey and will be moving in soon.

Waiting on the flooring guys to set up a date to put in the floors in the basement and then we can set up our move in date.

Yeah!!!!!!! We might actually move in soon.

This past Labor Day Weekend Terry and I took a small trip away to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary.  We so needed a small get away from all the house crap and living with no home for the past 3 months.

We took a drive to Hudsonville and Holland Michigan area.

This is one of my absolute favorite shops to visit when we are in this area of Michigan.  A lot of you that follow Liz Marie's blog know about her great shop in Hudsonville, Michigan.  If you do not know of Liz's blog you must visit.  Her farmhouse style is gorgeous.

These next few pics are some of the great treasures that can be found in her shop.

Loved these lamb paper towel holders.  Sooo cute.

Lots of great signs.
Also next door to Liz's shop is a great Habitat Store.  We found this 12 inch door that is going to fit perfect in the kitchen of the new house.  More about the re love of this door soon.

Terry also found these vintage lanterns that he is going to hang on the new garage.  They were $20 with 25% off.  Loved the aged patina on these and the bubbled glass.

This is a treasure found that went home with us too.  I could totally envision this immediately in my bathroom of the new house.  Loved the brass faucet and bowl.

I spent a long time cleaning up the brass.

I am debuting on painting this brass or leaving it.  So far I am liking it in the brass.

We needed to add some legs to her to bring her up so we could use her in the bathroom.  So stay tuned to see how this sweet cabinet gets re loved into the bathroom. She may get a little white paint too :).   Hoping to get that up and done this weekend.

Have a safe rest of the week.  Praying for all of you in the path of Irma.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Shopping Fun

Hello Everyone.
Just checking in to say Hello and share a cute little place I went shopping.

I spent the day with these two sweeties.  My daughter Jen and granddaughter Charlotte.

This wonderful place was called Avant Gardens and is now called the Shops on 71.  It is three wonderful vendors that rent this place and sell the most amazing things.  I was here the other day with a good friend and she spied something she just loved so my daughter and I took a ride back to pick up this wonderful gift for my friends birthday. 

Now these next three pictures are for you Texas gals and southwest girls.  One of the vendors takes cowboy boots and stuffs them full of wonderful fall decor for front door decor.  Loved these.

Look at these sweet chippy hangers.  The cloche on the left my daughter bought to put on her dining table.  She will add fall decor under it and make it pretty.

All the vendors are starting to bring out their fall decor.

I loved the faux fall flowers this vendor has made into many cute centerpieces.

Loved this guy he just made me smile.

One of the vendors had a whole lot of "Kris" things.  White, chippy shabbies galore!!!!

Swooning over these white corbels.

Loved this sweet little kitchen island.

Lots and lots of farmhouse decor.

Look at this cute lamp!!!!  This would be so cute in a laundry room.

I of course needed one of these sweet shirts!

Sweet overnight bag.

I am thinking about this lovely piece.  This armoire has hanging on one side and drawers on the other.  I am thinking of getting this and putting it in our bedroom or the guest room of the new house.  Our 1949 cottage we bought does not have big closets so this would give us some more wardrobe storage space.  Of course it will be painted white!!!!  It has really cute feet!!!  The price was really good on this piece and they are having a grand opening sale on Saturday so I think it will be even less.

Progress is continuing on the new house.  Hoping the basement stuff will be done this week and then the garage all done by the weekend.  Then we can start to think about setting up our move in.  Ahhh a girl can dream!!!

Have a lovely rest of the week and wonderful weekend.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Garage and Walls and a New Table and Cuteness Overload

Happy Sunday Everyone.

We finally have a Garage YEAH!!!!

Garage Yes!  Driveway NO!  Boo!!  Hopefully we will be seeing a driveway soon and that load of dirt and wood removed from my sight forever!!!!  We still have some finishing to the garage but hey the structure is finally pass inspection and up!!!!  I feel excited we might actually move in to this house in the next few weeks.

Boring for you to see these mudded walls but so exciting for us.  We have walls and ceilings in the basement.  They will finish these this week with some sanding and primer.

The basement is coming together nicely to give us extra living space in this tiny cottage home.  There will be a family room fireman cave, a office area for Terry, a storage/bedroom, a full bathroom and a huge laundry room with storage.  Ahhhhh I am so excited.  Terry and I will do all the finishing touches like painting of the walls and installing floors ourselves.   We will also finish the bathroom ourselves.  Doing some of the finishing work ourselves will save us money on an already over budget renovation.

I ordered this console table after seeing it on Kim Savvy Southern Styles Blog.  Just love the chippy goodness to this piece.  Kim ordered hers from Houzz.  I found it for less on and had a coupon and free shipping.   The first piece arrived in pieces so sent me a brand new one.  The replacement arrived without any damage.  Yeah!

I was going to put this console table in the living room entry but it is too big for the space so no worries Terry has tools!!! This beautiful piece is going to be made into a dining table.  Since I have another top from the first delivery where the legs were busted he will have enough to make a nice square table top.  He will bring the chippy legs closer together and make this long console table into a nice and sweet little kitchen table.  That is the plan anyway.  So stay tuned I cannot wait to show you how this will be reloved into a new kitchen table.

Here is a preview of the new kitchen chairs.  I took these gray slipcovers and sent them to Lisa Harmon that has worked on other slipcovers for me.  I also sent three matching fabrics to make these ruffles on the chairs.  Lisa does the best work.
Here is her website and I will have more on her when I do a final post of the kitchen when done.  As you can see I am adding some sunshine yellow to my cottage kitchen.

Now for some Cuteness Over Load!!!!

As most of you know we are adopting this sweet little Miss in a few weeks.

So far it looks like a lot of you voted on her name to be Lucy.  I think we will get her and then see what name will fit her personality.

A few new names I am favoring is Belle and Daisy.  We cannot wait to bring her home.

OK on to the cuteness:

The breeder keeps in touch with me and he sent me some pictures of one of "Lucy's" daughter's pups.  One of her pups named Lemon Drop had her pups that are ready to go to new homes.  These sweet little fur bundles just make me smile.

This is Lemon Drop and her cute pups that are all red except for one red and white.  Lemon Drop and her pups are on the other side of the fence.  The little pups are from another basset hound named Belle.  They still have a few weeks before they will be going to their forever homes.

As you can see the one and only red and white is singing and showing off.  I guess when you are different in looks than your brothers and sisters you have to sing to stand out.  Lemon Drops pups are going to their forever homes now.  They are just sooo cute.

This is Boris the father of these beautiful puppies.  As you can see he is a big lug of love.
I cannot wait to get little Miss Lucy, Emma, Belle, Daisy soon!  She will be a wonderful addition to our family.

Have a great new week.  I cannot wait to get moved in our home in the next few weeks and start to unpack my chippy decor items for the new cottage.